Champs Entry Sheet

    Hi Dolphins!

    What a fun last day of practice!! The kids had such a great time getting ready for champs, doing relays, and playing some games. Thank you Coach Ed and Coach Jessica for all the fun!

    I have attached our team entries for Champs. This is a great way to know what Event, Heat and Lane your swimmer will be in. This is also helpful when writing their events on their arms. Please don't forget to have this written in Sharpie along with their last name, first initial and DCD on their back shoulder. With so many teams, this really helps the volunteers know if the correct swimmer is in the correct lane. 

    Just a reminder, please read the parent letter that I sent with the meet programs on Wednesday. I have attached it again. This has ALL OF THE DETAILS for Champs. Please make sure you have reviewed the Covid 10 Precaution section. 

    The swimmers and coaches have worked so hard this season and we cannot wait to see it show tomorrow in front of all the other teams!  You will be able to find our tent with the huge blow up dolphins hanging out front. We will also have team tattoos for swimmers. Please make sure swimmers eat good dinner, go to bed early, and show up ready to go tomorrow!


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