IMPORTANT: Champs and Swim Banquet

    Hello Dolphins!

    Two VERY important items!

    1. CHAMPS- PLEASE RSVP for Champs now. Entries close at noon tomorrow, Saturday, July 10th. Please go on the website site and tell us either way. Yes, they are attending, or No, they will not be attending. The timeline to get everything ready for next weekend is so close that we do not have extra time to call or text people to get them added. Please do this now. While you are there, make sure to sign up for a volunteer spot too. Remember this is at Cecil Aquatics Center (13611 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221) on July 17th and all of the other 8 teams will be in attendance. 

    2. BANQUET- We are having the end of season Swim Banquet at the South Pool this year on Monday, July 19th. There is nothing better than a pool party to finish out the swim season. This is only for swimmers and their immediate families. We cannot accommodate extra guests.

    5:30-6:30pm- swimming

    6:30- 7:30pm- Dinner, Dessert, and Awards

    If there is time, they may swim after we finish awards and food.

    Thank you!

    DCD Board of Directors

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