Reminders for tomorrows Time Trials

    Good afternoon,

    We are thrilled for our time trials tomorrow. At only two weeks into the season, this will help recognize the hard work and growth of each of our swimmers. Here is a review of how the day will go.

    • Please make sure you DO NOT PARK on the pond side of the road if we have some parking issues once the spots are filled. There will be yard signs out to help enforce this.
    • Please enter the front gate and check in your swimmer no more than 5 minutes before your age group start time. Your swimmer will be assigned a new seat for the entire time. Those chairs will be behind the diving blocks. They need to bring their goggles and swim cap to the seat. They may bring a towel and water bottle as well.
    • Parents and spectators need to socially distance themselves on the non-competitive side of the pool until the races begin. The pool is CLOSED for swimming. Once the races begin, you may stand on the left side of the pool closest to the playground, or behind the pool on the stairs near the main entrance. You will see caution tape preventing you from entering swimmer areas. Please respect those boundaries.
    • The swimmers will do a short warm up in the pool before the races begin and then return to their assigned seat.
    • Coaches will assign swimmers to their diving blocks when it is time to race. The order of races will be Fly, Back, Breast, Free, and Relays is there is time. Swimmers will swim a minimum of 2 races and a max of 5, depending on level and ability.
    • Once swimmers complete their race, we need them to exit the water and wait at the pool edge. Once the lane timer gives them their ribbon, they may bring their family the ribbon for quick hugs and cheers. Then they need to return to their chair for the next event.
    • Once the age group is completed, please exit through the back gate.
    • There will no concession stand, but we have 2 amazing food trucks coming. Please help support their local small businesses.
    • Ages 11 and older- 8am - 9am
    • Ages 9 and 10- 9am – 10am
    • Ages 7 and 8- 10 am - 11am
    • Ages 6 and below- 11am – 12pm

    If any swimmers need to cancel from this point on, please call or text Kim Smith at 904-652-5797.

    See you tomorrow at the pool!!

    DCD Board of Directors

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